Drop your demo

备注 包含你的人声 比如 “嗨 我是[艺名] 这是我在’极·电音 播客’播放的新歌” 会更好
P.S. Including your voiceover like “Hi I’m [Artist name], here’s my track on Extronic Podcast.” could be much better 🙂

如果是免费发行 / 自发行 / 永不发行 / Bootleg / Mashup等 请直接注明 无需厂牌
If it’s FREE release / Self Released / Never Release / Bootleg / Mashup etc. , please type it directly, without typing label.

如果你在R厂 / 1001 的Discord群 你可以@LittleDeng#1938 提醒我你已经提交了申请.
来都来了 下次考虑做个Guest mix吧!
If you are in Revealed / 1001tracklists Discord, you can @LittleDeng#1938 to notice me after you send.
You have already here, how about do a guest mix next time!