Drop your guest mix

大家好 欢迎大家来本播客做客
Hi everyone! Feel free to post your guest mixes for my podcast.

曲风: 不限 (建议与本播客相同 以及相关曲风)
时长: 50分钟内 (限Guest Mix) / 约60分钟或以上 (限Takeover)
音频编码: 至少320K MP3 (或WAV / FLAC / 320K OPUS, 建议添加元数据)
[可选]视频编码: 至少1080p30 AVC / HEVC / VP9 / AV1 或其他常见编码 码率越高越好
[可选] 包含你的人声 比如 “嗨 我是[艺名] 这是我在’极·电音 播客’的Guest Mix” 会更好
音频/视频链接: 各种对象存储 (如阿里云) / 奶牛快传 / Google Drive / OneDrive / 自有存储等 (禁止提交百度城通及必须登录或限速严重或大量广告的服务)
Genre: NO LIMITS (Same with the podcast and other similar genres are suggested)
Length: Less than 50 minutes (Guest mix ONLY) / About 60 minutes or longer (Takeover ONLY)
Audio Codec: At least 320K MP3 (or WAV / FLAC / 320K OPUS, File with metadata is suggested)
[Optional] Video Codec: At least 1080p30, AVC / HEVC / VP9 / AV1 or other common codecs, bitrate as high as possible
[Optional] Including your voiceover like “Hi I’m [Artist name], here’s my guest mix on Extronic Podcast.” could be much better.
Audio/Video Link: Cloud Storage (e.g. Google Cloud, Amazon AWS) / WeTransfer / Google Drive / OneDrive / Self-Hosted, etc. (Services that must login or heavy speed limit or tons of ADs, are NOT ALLOWED)

如果你在R厂 / 1001 的Discord群 你可以@LittleDeng#1938 提醒我你已经提交了申请.
来都来了 下次考虑提交Demo吧!
If you are in Revealed / 1001tracklists Discord, you can @LittleDeng#1938 to notice me after you send.
You have already here, how about drop a demo next time!